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Hi there. I am a creative that is physically and emotionally incapable of sticking to one thing. I do a lot of different stuff, and this website serves to document these things, as well as direct you to them. Let’s do that now, shall we? Keep reading and find out if anything I do interests you.

If you’re someone who already enjoys my work, I encourage you to join the others who have decided to help me make these creative endeavours my full-time, paid job. You can do that by subscribing to my Patreon.

Comedy Shorts

When inspiration strikes, I make short comedy videos and upload them on TikTok. Whether it be puns, rhymes, or pure surrealism, you're sure to forcefully breathe out your nose a couple of times.


As someone who personally does not enjoy reading poetry, I sure do like writing it. Because of my distaste for poetry, my own poetry ends up being rather enjoyable for people who don't typically read it. If that's you, I'd check it out!

Latest Poetry...

Swastika Stickers

I’m puttin’ up a swastika sticker
Makin’ my hate dick grow thicker
Post a video, make everyone hate me
All the while,

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Highway in Hell

Some say there’s danger
On the highway to hell
My story is much stranger
As you’ll soon know well

For my highway wasn’t

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Politics is Cringe

I’ve gotten pretty sick
Of all this politic
We all seem to fight
Over black and white

Why doesn’t anyone say
That the world

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Do you know what I like the most?
Simply jam and toast
But when it is on sale
I like fried eggs

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The Coalition

There was once a group with ambition
That called themselves a coalition
They set out to make a name
To earn fortune

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Wolf Totem

Praise this little totem
It would have saved my life
These killers, I loathe ’em
Putting these wolves through strife

Praise this little

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