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Hi there, I’m Ian. I created Enderbook (Minecraft Archives), make short comedy videos on TikTok, blog about schizophrenia, and write approachable poetry. My day job is at Objektiv Digital where I make websites for my amazing entrepreneurial friends.

If you’re someone who already enjoys my work, I encourage you to join the others who have decided to help me make these creative endeavours my full-time, paid job. You can do that by subscribing to my Patreon.


When you look, you can plainly see
How amazing our culture can be
With its noble moral dispositions
And fair and balanced

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I believe many things
And I know a lot less
I believe my mood swings
I know I suffer from stress

I believe

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Enderbook (Minecraft Archives)

Enderbook is the social app for Minecrafters. Show off your maps, books, kits, bases, your favorite players, and more.

TikTok Comedy & Info Shorts

On TikTok, I make comedy shorts with rhymes, silliness, and schizophrenia-related jokes. Additionally, I make 60-second versions of my YouTube videos for those with attention spans too small for videos longer than 5 minutes!

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