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Hi, I’m Ian. This website serves as an online dumping ground for everything I’ve created or is about me in some way. The majority of the content on this website was produced after 2015 – I had a bad habit of deleting/destroying my creations before that time.

The God of Content hungers...

A long time ago, the death of an alien species left an all-powerful god void of its ceaseless desire for content. Seeking a new source of bountiful content, the god travelled the cosmos. It fruitlessly searched for countless millennia. Drained of its power and deprived of content, it went into hibernation as it drifted for countless millennia more.

Then, a few hundred years ago, it awoke to a small taste of content. Magnificent paintings and writings from what we would now know as the renaissance. The god of content was pleased by this species that called themselves ‘human.’ Over the following centuries, the god inspired many humans along the way to make content creation more accessible and producible by the masses.

With the creation of the internet and the ever-increasing ease of use for publishing content, coupled with a system of capitalism that compels the humans to create content for virtually no return, we have reached a singularity in content creation.

The god of content is pleased. But, for how long? Some speculate that the increased numbers of disasters, atrocities, and other events have been sparked by the god of content’s unceasing desire for more content.

Shamelessly documenting everything

Most of what I create is not noteworthy, special, or interesting. I’m posting it anyway. I am offering a deep glimpse into my life as it is for all to see. Why? The god of content hungers… it must be sated. Surely if the god of content is well fed, we can avoid war or another pandemic? Or, I just like the idea of being open about my life. A mental nudist, perhaps. I have plenty to hide, but I choose not to.

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Ian McKenzie

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