Hi, I'm Ian Rand McKenzie.

This is my little corner of the internet.

Enderbook Video Ad

In collaboration with Jabin Postal Films (aka Postal Barbecue on YouTube), a video promoting the values and use of Enderbook.com

Message of Critical Importance

This encrypted message is for you. Yes, you. The information contained within retains a matter of the utmost urgency.

White Label Booking App

Started back in 2019 when I was sick of getting SaaS'd to death when starting my business, I am now ready to share this with others.

A continual experimentation with creating new (and re-using old) Curious Markings assets.

Curious Corporate Art

Many companies promote a culture of good mental health, perhaps displaying Curious Markings at their offices would help create more conversations?

Ghost Schizos Whitepaper

A proposed NFT project. Part of my new practice of feeling complete with ideas without having to spend months building them.

Revolting Psycho

I continue to be curious about what a decent looking Curious Markings shop would look like.

Homicide App

Get rich, let people die while you're tryin'.

Minecraft / Infowars Parody Website

There is a war for your mine. Do not succumb to propaganda and let the deepslate cobbleists make you believe otherwise.


A landing page for an overpriced garment that's as useful as cargo shorts in a -20º blizzard.

Uranian Titbirds

See only with your eyes
Blind them to nuance
Text is not made by humans
Get high on self-righteousness
Believe you are sober


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Sorry, sorry! I just thought since you've been on this site for longer than average, you might hear me out?

Why do you do this to me, Ian...

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Also, I don't do anything shady or aggressive with your email address. I'll only send you the good stuff and won't share your email with any person/provider that isn't working for me to serve you better.

'Serve me better.' What deliciously vague jargon. Is this where you pretend to be me and you make me respond with a contrived form of consent because you're bold enough to assume this cute little chat interface gimmick is enough to actually get me to sign up?

Ummm... uhhh... ahh... Sign up and get exclusive discounts and early access!!!! Come ooooon! Induced scarcity is fun!

...alright, well, I'll leave it up to you.

Ian's Creations


The social app for Minecrafters. Share creations, follow friends, set up trades, & live chat.

Art & NFTs

Much like the poetry, another vehicle for humor, social commentary, & occasional beauty.

Homicide App

Arbitrary gatekeeping systems like laws, morals, and forceful intervention make murder more difficult than ever. With Homicide.app, murder from the convenience of home!

The Meme Hotline

Serving dad jokes over automated voice and meme text messages via SMS completely toll-free!

Objektiv Digital

Making websites for successful local businesses. The most effective one-man-agency you'll likely ever find.

Like this nav? It does what every marketing-oriented web designer will tell you not to do: shove as many things in your face as I can!