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Hi there, I’m Ian. I created Enderbook (Minecraft Archives), Curious Markings, make videos on YouTube, short videos on TikTok, blog about schizophrenia, and write approachable poetry. My day job is at Objektiv Digital where I make websites for my amazing entrepreneurial friends.

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I believe many things
And I know a lot less
I believe my mood swings
I know I suffer from stress

I believe

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Highway in Hell

Some say there’s danger
On the highway to hell
My story is much stranger
As you’ll soon know well

For my highway wasn’t

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Enderbook (Minecraft Archives)

Enderbook is THE place to show off and trade your Minecraft items and creations. Archive your maps, books, kits, bases, your favorite players, and more.

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Curious Markings

Curious Markings are my psychotic hallucinations translated into artistic mark-making. Because of my schizophrenia, I sometimes hallucinate distortions in my visual perception that cause what I’m looking at to morph and change shape. I capture this morphing effect through the creation of curious-looking markings

When Curious Markings launched, it was a mobile game packed full of curious features that experimented with meditation and spirituality. In an effort to simplify my life, Curious Markings is now a merch shop where I sell my artistic designs with the Curious Markings theme.

Diagnosis to Success Vlog

This is a video series that I upload to YouTube documenting every single play in my playbook for conquering schizophrenia every single day.

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TikTok Comedy & Info Shorts

On TikTok, I make comedy shorts with rhymes, silliness, and schizophrenia-related jokes. Additionally, I make 60-second versions of my YouTube videos for those with attention spans too small for videos longer than 5 minutes!

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