Hi, I'm Ian Rand McKenzie.

This website is a hub for everything I do.

The most likely reason you’re here is that you searched my name or clicked a link from one of my socials. Here’s a quick snapshot of everything I’m up to at varying degrees of effort:

  • Digital Hygiene Consultant — Time is money, and if you make a lot of money, my seemingly exorbitant fees will earn your time (money) back in as little as a month. Give me a call to learn more.
  • Objektiv Digital — We make websites for successful local businesses. Originally a digital agency, it is now my freelance service with light subcontracting. I only accept one project per month. Learn more here.
  • Enderbook — A social app for Minecrafters, an ongoing project to support and enhance the Minecraft community. Available on web browsers, iOS, and Android. In-game integration coming soon.
  • Various Art Projects — Including Curious Markings and small-batch projects available for sale on OpenSea.
  • Blogging / Videos — Mostly about how I manage schizophrenia. Published on news sites like MSN and Yahoo.
  • Poetry — A bit of fun with honesty and rhyme.

The Stone

The stone is unconcerned with its mortality
Does not contemplate frailty

The stone only harms when disturbed
To some that thought is

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When we exalt the dead
We forget all their dread
A human that we laughed, cried and failed with
Soon becomes legend

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Ian's Creations


From innocent witticisms to performative wokeness to outright vulgarity.

Schizophrenia Blog

Tips and tricks for managing mental illness, plus stories of living with schizophrenia.

The Meme Hotline

Serving dad jokes over automated voice and meme text messages via SMS completely toll-free!


The social app for Minecrafters. Share creations, follow friends, set up trades, & live chat.

Art & NFTs

Much like the poetry, another vehicle for humor, social commentary, & occasional beauty.

Personal Blog & Project Updates

Like everyone else on social media, I've been deluded into thinking my opinions matter.

Objektiv Digital

Making websites for successful local businesses. The most effective one-man-agency you'll likely ever find.

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