Hi, I'm Ian Rand McKenzie.

This website is a hub for everything I do.

The most likely reason you’re here is that you searched my name or clicked a link from one of my socials. Here’s a quick snapshot of everything I’m up to at varying degrees of effort:

  • Digital Hygiene Consultant — Time is money, and if you make a lot of money, my seemingly exorbitant fees will earn your time (money) back in as little as a month. Give me a call to learn more.
  • Objektiv Digital — We make websites for successful local businesses. Originally a digital agency, it is now my freelance service with light subcontracting. I only accept one project per month. Learn more here.
  • Enderbook — A social app for Minecrafters, an ongoing project to support and enhance the Minecraft community. Available on web browsers, iOS, and Android. In-game integration coming soon.
  • Various Art Projects — Including Curious Markings and small-batch projects available for sale on OpenSea.
  • Blogging / Videos — Mostly about how I manage schizophrenia. Published on news sites like MSN and Yahoo.
  • Poetry — A bit of fun with honesty and rhyme.

About me.

I am a technologist, artist, writer, and absolute lunatic that made an admirable attempt at making it seem like someone with a schizophrenia diagnosis can pass off as a high-functioning person.

After graduating high school, I spent 10 years as a retail employee while hacking my favorite video games for laughs in my free time. At the age of 26, I had a quantum leap in self-care which led to a pre-midlife crisis where I went to college for design and coding to become a tech founder.

Eventually, I came to several conclusions about how I live:

  • I am unable to work full-time due to my illness, which makes me an unsuitable employee and employer @ >24hrs/wk
  • I love to live and learn, both through and about:
    • Art
    • Code
    • Storytelling
    • Self-care
  • I am obsessed with optimizing personal environments
  • I love helping people solve technology problems, and providing a massive ROI if they are paying me for that help
  • I prefer to keep my creative expression as separate from my work with clients as possible. As a result, I limit the design and coding work I take.

My philosophy as it is now.

Life should be equally beautiful and easy as it is ugly and challenging. The pursuit of beauty, ease, ugliness, and challenge should be detached from the judgment, perception, measure, and exploitation of others.*

  • Beauty in the environment, relationships, and presentation of yourself and your work
  • Ease of interaction with your environment; digital, analog, or anything else
  • Ugliness in the reality of life, whether it be scrubbing the toilet, telling the truth, setting boundaries, or accepting your limitations
  • Challenging yourself with tasks and goals that are ambitious, realistic, and lucrative (whether that be monetary, social, or personal fulfillment)
*My philosophy may not always be reflected in my often flawed execution of it. I will never undermine this philosophy intentionally.


When you look, you can plainly see
How amazing our culture can be
With its noble moral dispositions
And fair and balanced

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Enderbook (Minecraft Archives)

Enderbook is the social app for Minecrafters. Show off your maps, books, kits, bases, your favorite players, and more.

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