Ian McKenzie's Resume/Portfolio

Items are listed in reverse chronological order.

Hi there. I continually work to structure my life in such a way that best balances my schizophrenia management, personal life, and career. If you have an offer that will help me do that better than I already am, feel free to start a conversation.

Project: Meme Hotline

Launched Sept. 2021

Twilio Studio

Made a fun little hotline using Twilio's phone services alongside open source / open APIs for serving callers dad jokes over automated voice and meme text messages via SMS completely toll-free!

Project: Enderbook

Launched June 2020

Ruby on Rails, React Native

Built Enderbook from the ground up. Originally started as a tool for archiving shulker box kits (called Kit Archives) it evolved into archiving all types of Minecraft content (renamed to Minecraft Archives). Eventually, it became a full-fledged social app for Minecrafters (settling on the name Enderbook).

The Mighty

Dec. 2019 – Present

Contributing Writer

Sharing my experiences, coping strategies, and effective management skills related to schizophrenia. Articles have been cross-published to Yahoo, MSN, Newsbreak, and other news sources.

Objektiv Digital

June 2018 – Present


Creating and maintaining relationships with business leaders and owners to make websites that provide lucrative returns on investment for their organization.

Past responsibilities include:

  • Design, development, and copywriting for conversion-focused websites
  • Google & Facebook Ads / SEO
  • Bookkeeping / Accounting
  • Dev Ops / WordPress Development
  • Project Management / Team Management

Project: Curious Markings

Launched January 2018

Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, Block Printing, eCommerce

Curious Markings are hallucinations created from my schizophrenia. In 2018, I turned it into a multimedia art project utilizing block prints, iPhone/Android apps, a website, and much more. After a little over 3 years, I have decided to retire the project for various reasons. I will always continue to create Curious Markings in my free time as I have prior to the project’s creation. But, for now, my personal notebooks and sketchbooks are where new works will remain.

Medium Rare Interactive Inc.

Nov. 2017 – June 2018

Rails Developer

Contributed to several Ruby on Rails projects for various clients. Additionally, worked on maintenance for clients' existing WordPress websites.

Project: Stridr (Social Discovery Engine)

Launched April 2017

Ruby on Rails, Lean Startup

Stridr looked at everything you like on social media and recommended more, all in one place. It also took all of your followed public social feeds and put them into a single place to scroll.

Education: North Island College

Sept. 2015 – May 2018

Web & Mobile App Development Diploma

...with graphic design electives

Graduated with honors, Global Citizenship award, volunteered for multiple events and extracurricular activities.

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