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What led you to this page?

Ian's Productivity Redirect Page

Hey there! Looking for some distraction, eh?

If you’re wondering what this unlisted page is, it’s something I set up to redirect my bad digital habits. I have a Chrome extension called “Redirector” that redirects my attempts to go to certain websites to this page instead. When I have those moments of needing to ‘fill the void’ – whether that be a void in my time or a void in my soul, I tend to go to places that were once entertainment but are now unhealthy habits. Places like Facebook, YouTube, and Discord. On the left sidebar are the top reasons why I impulsively go to these places, and the links jump to a part of this page that offers suggestions for alternatives based on the context for why I tried to ease my pain with my digital addictions.

I felt the need for connection with others​

I was trying to play concentration music

I've got a 2 to 10 minute space of time where I'm waiting for something to finish or start

I've got a 10 to 30 minute space of time where I'm waiting for something to finish or start

Wash Dishes

Make a Curious Marking

I've got a 30 to 120 minute space of time where I'm waiting for something to finish or start

Start / Continue / Finish A Vector Art

Draw A Sketch from Prompt

I'm worrying/angry/emotional about something and looking for comfort

I'm excited about something and want to share it with others

I'm procrastinating on a creative task

I'm procrastinating on a bunch of minor tasks

Call Someone That Will Listen to Your Challenges

I'm procrastinating on important tasks

Call Someone That Will Listen to Your Challenges


Sorry, sorry! I just thought since you've been on this site for longer than average, you might hear me out?

Why do you do this to me, Ian...

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Also, I don't do anything shady or aggressive with your email address. I'll only send you the good stuff and won't share your email with any person/provider that isn't working for me to serve you better.

'Serve me better.' What deliciously vague jargon. Is this where you pretend to be me and you make me respond with a contrived form of consent because you're bold enough to assume this cute little chat interface gimmick is enough to actually get me to sign up?

Ummm... uhhh... ahh... Sign up and get exclusive discounts and early access!!!! Come ooooon! Induced scarcity is fun!

...alright, well, I'll leave it up to you.

Ian's Creations


The social app for Minecrafters. Share creations, follow friends, set up trades, & live chat.

Art & NFTs

Much like the poetry, another vehicle for humor, social commentary, & occasional beauty.

Homicide App

Arbitrary gatekeeping systems like laws, morals, and forceful intervention make murder more difficult than ever. With, murder from the convenience of home!

The Meme Hotline

Serving dad jokes over automated voice and meme text messages via SMS completely toll-free!

Objektiv Digital

Making websites for successful local businesses. The most effective one-man-agency you'll likely ever find.

Like this nav? It does what every marketing-oriented web designer will tell you not to do: shove as many things in your face as I can!