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Professional Portfolio

My portfolio has moved to the pseudonymous brand, psychoSage, that combines @ianrandmckenzie and @objektivdigital:

Professional Portfolio

Design & Development

Trevor Gieske (Artist)

Web Design


Web/App Development using psychoSoftware

Bookkeeping by Kelsey

Branding • Web/Graphic Design • Hosting & Support

The Ditch Cafe

Design • Development

Rovin' Grae

Hosting & Support • Product Writing

Meeting Ado

Web App Development • UX Design
Collaborators: Hashim Alsherif


Graphic/Web Design • Mobile App Development • Minecraft Mod Development
Collaborators: Anon PenTesters, 'TudbuT,' 'node3112,' 'jared2013,' & Constantiam Community


InfoWars Minecraft Parody • Meme Website • Web Design • Copywriting • Made in <24hrs

Homicide App

Parody • Social Commentary • Made in <24hrs • Meme Website

Postal Barbecue

Graphic Design • Web Development • Dev Ops

A Step Beyond Painting

Graphic Design • Web Development • Illustration • Dev Ops
Collaborators: Suvidha Khanna, Ryan Dragon, Grae King, Robyn Roste

Roibtec / BeachGrip

Graphic Design • Web Development • Illustration • Dev Ops
Collaborators: Sarah Fox, Suvidha Khanna

Islander Plumbing & Heating

Web Design • Web Development • Copywriting
Collaborators: Sarah Fox, Robyn Roste

Precision Tree Services

Web Design • Search Engine Optimization • Copywriting
Collaborators: Sarah Fox

White Cedar Clinic

Web Design • Web Development • 3rd Party Integrations • Copywriting
Collaborators: Catherine Priestman, Robyn Roste

Prime Medical Billing Company

Web Design • Logo Design • Print Design • Web Development • Copywriting
Collaborators: Grae King

Astronomic Audio

Web Design • Web Development • Domain Management

The House of Bob Podcast

Web Design • Web Development
Podcast Hosting • eCommerce Development Collaborators: House of Bob Team

Curious Markings Co.

Graphic Design • Web Development • Dev Ops • Mobile App Development • eCommerce • Social Media Automation • Much More Collaborators: Sarah Fox, Thomas Reeves, Grae King

Please contact me for references from up to three of the following:

  • Alex from Astronomic Audio
    • (Client with proven ROI on revenue & branding-based KPIs)
  • James from Precision Tree Services
    • (Client with proven ROI on revenue-based KPIs)
  • Denise of White Cedar Clinic
    • (Client with a quickly evolving business)
  • Jennifer of Prime Medical Billing Company
    • (Client with unconventional business needs)
  • Matt of Clever Crows & Celestial Tokens
    • (Client with needs in emerging technological markets)
  • Jabin of Postal Barbecue
    • (Client with unconventional technical needs)
  • Anyone else listed in this portfolio

I am currently looking for:

  • Brands looking for a guest artist to aid them in signalling allyship with those that suffer from mental illness through office art murals/installations or other artwork (See: Curious Markings)
  • One to two clients that need a custom web/mobile application built ($1400/mo minimum commitment) with full access to source code that will eventually be made open source


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Ian's Creations


The social app for Minecrafters. Share creations, follow friends, set up trades, & live chat.

Art & NFTs

Much like the poetry, another vehicle for humor, social commentary, & occasional beauty.

Homicide App

Arbitrary gatekeeping systems like laws, morals, and forceful intervention make murder more difficult than ever. With, murder from the convenience of home!

The Meme Hotline

Serving dad jokes over automated voice and meme text messages via SMS completely toll-free!

Objektiv Digital

Making websites for successful local businesses. The most effective one-man-agency you'll likely ever find.

Like this nav? It does what every marketing-oriented web designer will tell you not to do: shove as many things in your face as I can!