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Overwhelm hits fast and hard.
It is the root of poor decision making both in business and self-care.

You're up late, procrastinating on the mountain of work in front of you. You're up so late that by the time you wake up, you won't have time to get exercise tomorrow. As you're scrolling past some website, watching a video, or reading an article, a brilliant idea strikes. Before you know it, you have a brand new business idea and you start thinking about how you can work on this idea while managing the business you're already running.


Sound familiar? I call it "Squirrel Brain"

"Squirrel Brain" is a direct result of feeling overwhelmed. It causes self-doubt and makes shiny new ideas more appealing — distracting you from your original focus. Squirrel Brain is the root of bad self-care habits like not getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating "energy" food instead of something with nutritional value.

As a schizophrenic entrepreneur, I've dealt with these frustrations for years. I'm looking for fellow entrepreneurs managing mental illness who I can help navigate out of these unhealthy habits.

Hey, I'm Ian McKenzie

Being a diagnosed schizophrenic, I have learned a lot about managing mental illness and entrepreneurship at the same time. If life were a video game, entrepreneurship would be considered "hard mode." Stacking mental illness onto the difficulty level in some games would aptly be called "insane difficulty." Yet, to some, the insane difficulty is the challenge we seek, because the rewards and satisfaction are without comparison.

Through my blog, I seek to share the insights I've gained from the challenges I face. For deeper conversation and insights, I invite you to schedule a 1-hour coaching session with me.

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