HTML Projects Archive

& CSS + JS, of course!

The projects below are pure HTML+CSS+JS projects I worked on while I was taking classes at North Island College’s Digital Design program. These sites are no longer active, but thanks to GitHub Pages’ free static website hosting, I am able to show them off in their original quality. These are by no means my best work, but certainly examples of my best work at the time of creating them. Stridr and Type Basics are directly related to coursework. Starflies Rick and Ilya Treleaven were done as experiments for fun.

Stridr Interface Prototype

This was part of the final project for creating a branding package including a logo design, stationery, and this website.

Type Basics

This year's 2 college projects demonstrated the culmination of the skills I learned about graphic design, typography, interface design, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Starflies Rick

This was a fun little experiment in art and HTML creating a vector illustration of Rick from the "Rick and Morty" television series.

Ilya Treleaven

This is a webpage I made for a classmate in my drawing class at college. I don't think he uses this site anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.

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