Gallery – Year 1 of Graphic Design Classes

Gig Poster – Semester 1

This project was intended to flex our newly developed Adobe Photoshop skills. Vector components from Adobe Illustrator were allowed, but could not be the primary source of art.

For this particular composition, I pulled photos from the internet of the river (underwater) and some salmon grotesquely morphed into the heads of a couple of gentlemen I found from entering the query ‘naked dudes’ into Google image search.

The biggest challenge for me in this project was getting their skin tone properly colored to look like they were actually part of the underwater scene in the photo. There was also some paint on the caucasian fellow that I had to painstakingly clone stamp off his body.

Mobile-friendly Website, Semester 1

This project was intended to show off our HTML and CSS skills, though I went a bit ahead in the curriculum and threw in some use of JavaScript and jQuery to fix some responsive issues. This implementation was obviously implemented before the CSS Flexbox rule was widely adopted.

The site itself is for the Whippletree Cafe, a business my sister was planning on starting with her husband. That never ended up happening, but they sure did get a nice free website.

Looking back on it now, it lacks most things I would recommend a website having. But, what more can you expect from a first-year college student?

Thanks to GitHub’s free static website hosting, you can follow this link to see the full Whippletree Cafe website.

Magazine Cover & Spread, Semester 2

This was my first full-on attempt at print design, attempting to capture the playfulness of Dale Chihuly’s works while still trying to maintain my presumed pretentiousness that a typical photography magazine would have.

The admittedly obvious choice for the magazine’s logotype was designed by me. The photos were provided by the instructor. Typography, hierarchy, layout, and color were our primary challenges with this project.

Logotype, Semester 2

This was the first assignment I had ever done for a logo design. Because I was in a mobile app development program, I was not required to take the “design 101” class that all of the other students were required to.

My idea behind this logo was to paint a grassy, wheaty landscape using the letters of the type. It quickly meant that my type choices were limited to anything that’s as fat and bulky as possible, with extremely tight line-height and kerning.

Self-Portrait, Semester 2

Another project intended to flex our photoshop muscles, the instructions for this project was a sci-fi or fantasy self-portrait. Like the gig poster, my biggest challenge was color correction. I also had to work with a photo with less than ideal lighting due to not having the right equipment.

For this project, I inserted myself into one of my Minecraft worlds, packed full of fantastical tech mods like human cloning and infinite data-based block storage systems.

Intended to look like a corporate culture poster modelled after my friends’ naming for our Minecraft cities, Paragon, I packed the text full of in-jokes.

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