Gallery – Vector Art

These were art projects I did for fun in the summers of 2016 and 2017. Certainly experimental, I was fascinated with creating vector art in Adobe Illustrator at the time. These days, I am more interested in creating with a loose, abstract style a la Curious Markings.

I did, however, learn that creating fan art is an extremely easy way to get attention for yourself as an artist. People are absolutely in love with seeing something familiar and then rehashed. Creating something truly original essentially equates to creating a full-fledged business with the simple act of creating a single image. It is no wonder that so many artists struggle to find success.

Creating a piece of art is the easy part. Building a successful and profitable brand from that art is like selling lemonade on the street and turning that business into a multinational beverage corporation complete with farms to grow the lemons and sugar cane, paper cup manufacturing plants, franchise operations, and supply chains to connect all the dots.

The art below never made it past the side of the street, and I think I’m okay with that. Hah!

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