Gallery – Stormhaven

These images are from a JavaScript game I was developing as a way of challenging an advanced JavaScript class at North Island College. I never completed this game because my existing portfolio was enough to successfully challenge the course. That being said, the idea for the game has been brewing in my head since 2015 with prototypes having been created in the now-defunct Project Spark game builder.

The inception of the game came to me when listening to the song Drown by Enzalla. The idea was a futuristic game where people live vast distances from each other. This is largely because the untarnished beauty of nature is highly valued and now possible due to quantum transportation technologies.

In the game, you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and must travel to the city to be cured. However, you are horrified by the idea of travelling by quantum teleportation, so medical transport has come to pick you up.

On the journey to the city, your transport crashes into a lake. It is winter. You are wet and cold. You are now tasked with salvaging resources from the wreckage and survive as long as you can until you are found. As you survive, you must strike a balance between meeting your physical needs and meeting your psychological and psychiatric needs that are oftentimes at odds with each other.

Game Icons

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