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Curious Markings Process Work

This page is dedicated to showcasing my process with the Curious Markings project. At this point, I have chosen to no longer pursue this project as a full-fledged business, but I still do create Curious Markings art from time to time. You can still see what I’m up to with the project on

If I’m being completely honest, I look back on a lot of this stuff and I cringe. I don’t know if I had a heightened state of ego when it came to my spirituality, or if I was trying to be someone else, or if I really was fully in a spiritual state. I respond to my works bouncing between those 3 opinions at any given time. As I write this now, I’m not feeling particularly spiritual, so yes, I cringe.

That being said, this project is open to interpretation, even when its creator is critical of it, so feel free to peruse these images and documents with an open mind. I will leave the interpretation up to you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Process Booklets

Scanned Loose Papers

Previously Published Images


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