Constantiam Swag


How pricing works:

  • All Prices are in Canadian Dollars
  • CAD$13.19 (socks) – What the dropshipping company (Printful) gets from the sale (printing, packaging, fulfillment, returns, etc.).
  • CAD$5.36 (markup) (socks) – Donated to the owners/operators of the Minecraft server.
  • CAD$0.00 – What the owner of this website keeps from the transaction. We’re doing this for fun, not money.



Every 3 months, we will publicly post how many sales are made and how much money was raised for A link to this page will be shared on all of the mainstream Constantiam Discord servers. We will also buy a sponsored message so that players in-game will be informed as well.

As of October 6th, 2021, we have sold 20 units and raised CAD$:


-21.72 Stripe fees

-377.43 Printful fees

• 73.05 raised between Oct. 6, 2020 and Oct. 6, 2021

Funds are donated to Constantiam owners every 3 months. Next donation date: January 6, 2022


Please email [email protected] — posting on Reddit, Discord, or anywhere else has a chance of getting missed by me and I can’t solve your problem if I don’t know about it.


Despite Constantiam being an anarchy server where toxic culture promotes activities like doxxing, this website is owned and operated by a professional that has always presented himself as such within the Constantiam community. This will not change. That being said, if you’re not comfortable, don’t buy. Regardless of Constantiam being anarchy, the server owner has his reputation on the line and works very hard to maintain trust and transparency with all of his customers, no matter what community they come from. You can find @ianrandmckenzie on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can view our privacy policy here:

And here’s our returns policy:

Other Minecraft Stuff

If you feel like checking out other Minecraft stuff I’m working on:

File Downloads

Any of the designs I have made for these products are available for download in various formats:

ABC Demon568 Intellect

Constantiam C

Constantiam C Pattern

Constantiam Monthly Event Committee

CuBoyd 32k Shop

KiwiBrand Kits


Sanvar & Demon 2020

FlyingBroccoli & VargaGirl 2021

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AGHKGH! [email protected]&# OFF POPUP!

Sorry, sorry! I just thought since you've been on this site for longer than average, you might hear me out?

Why do you do this to me, Ian...

Okay, okay, I'll be quick! I have a newsletter to keep you up-to-date on my content and projects. If my stuff tickles your pickle, help us both out by subscribing!

Also, I don't do anything shady or aggressive with your email address. I'll only send you the good stuff and won't share your email with any person/provider that isn't working for me to serve you better.

'Serve me better.' What deliciously vague jargon. Is this where you pretend to be me and you make me respond with a contrived form of consent because you're bold enough to assume this cute little chat interface gimmick is enough to actually get me to sign up?

Ummm... uhhh... ahh... Sign up and get exclusive discounts and early access!!!! Come ooooon! Induced scarcity is fun!

...alright, well, I'll leave it up to you.

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