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Low Effort by Ian Rand McKenzie

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #28.1

A life without pain by choice leaves behind a world unexplored. A life with pain without choice leaves behind not a world, but a prison. 2nd iteration created with help from BRK

A Joke Too [Annoying] to Be Funny #6

A man walks into a bar, orders his beer, flips his coaster over to the blank side and gets out a pen. He asks the bartender, “Do you agree that this is a coaster?” The bartender replies, “Yes.” The man draws a house on the coaster and asks, “Do you agree that this is a house?” The bartender, confused by the line of questioning, replies hesitantly as he serves the man his beer, “Yes…” The man places the beer on the coaster with the house drawing and asks his final question, “Do you agree this beer is on the house?” The bartender, now growing impatient, snaps, “Of course it is, what’s with all of these non-sensical questions?!” The man raises his glass and exclaims, “I love this bar! Cheers!”

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #27

We scoff at primitive ancient societies for sacrificing life and limb to the gods for a good harvest. I wonder if the future will scoff at us because we sacrifice our health, time with our families, and our morals & ethics for a good income?

A Joke [Slightly] Too Niche to Be Funny #4

Schizophrenic people when they forget their meds: “I’m losing my grip on reality” First-time home buyers when housing bubble pops: “I’m losing my gripe on realty”

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #25

We can make the world a better place not with sacrifice, but with finding & being our true selves. Find & being your true self is the only place you will find sustainability or nobility in sacrifice.

Character Capsules #4

A man can change his entire socioeconomic status with a $20 bill in the right thrift store. —Hipster Mick Travis

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #24

We are so vulnerable to digging our heels in when we are proven wrong. Our best adversaries need to be far more measured and kind in their objections. Better yet, point out the virtues of our flawed conclusions in the process — their words very well may convert us into friends, or at least allies.

Character Capsules #3

It never ceases to amaze me: we all love other people more than ourselves, but care more about our opinions than theirs. —Leftist Millennial Marcus Aurelius

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #23

Myself and nearly everyone I know have unconsciously built our communication around half-truths, doublespeak, and oversimplifications. It’s an absolute mess. As a result, I now use too many words because I do not know how to transfer truth without being verbose.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #21

Experts make predictions. Economists make lucky guesses. Politicians make lies. We all make a world where these forecasts are valued equally.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #20

We can make the world a better place not with sacrifice, but with finding & being our true selves and striving for the best in that pursuit.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #18

Removing power with power is like fighting fire with gasoline — it likely never stops the spread and is almost certain to make things worse. Removing power with selflessness is like letting fire burn when it needs to and only using fire to choke out the conflagration’s path.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #17

As someone that is highly qualified and experienced in dumbassery, I can tell you right now how oust yourself as someone like me: 1. Say you are smart2. Attempt to put down the intelligence of others

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