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Low Effort by Ian Rand McKenzie

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #46

The only person luckier than a lottery winner is a lottery winner that says, “no thanks” when presented with the cheque.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #44

Authoritarians use a bad economy to convince you to give them their power. Meanwhile, the act of survival is the most noble profession. Yet, bad economies cannot take that away from you. That’s reserved for authoritarians.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #43

Decentralization is freedom. Centralization is authority. One will always over-correct and it is up to us to fight for the underdog — whichever it may be.

A Joke Too [Grammatical] To Be Funny #15

At a no-name university, a student inquired to his English professor about his poor essay grade. The professor always felt threatened by the student’s raw talent. “Reading the paper, completely nonsensical,” the professor dismissively responded. “Please zip it up, sir, your modifier is dangling,” the student replied.

Riddle #1

I’m standing in a field of something. I see less today, but the warmer it gets, the less I’ll see tomorrow. What kind of field am I standing in? [Answer] This kind of only works in spoken word without completely giving it away.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #42

Value is subjective. A golden Bugatti is useless during a famine, diamonds are overpriced through monopolized scarcity, and time spent enrolled at Harvard is better spent networking than learning.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #41

Moral & ethical tech is the only path forward for success. The whispers will soon become an ear-shattering roar. —Me, hopefully being correct.

A Joke Too [Butchered] To Be Funny #13

What did the pig say to the slaughterhouse manager before changing careers? “If you can’t handle me at my bratwurst, you don’t deserve me at my black forest!”

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