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Low Effort by Ian Rand McKenzie

A Joke Too [Emo] To Be Funny #46

A group of Emo kids grew up to become doctors who eventually started to experience a mid-life crisis. Together, they started a band called My Cardiological Romance. As expected, they sang from and about the heart.

A Joke Too [Woke] To Be Funny #45

I swear I’m not trans-phobic, but I keep bumping flat into parents that are transgender. Almost knock them right over. It’s like they’re trans-parent or something.

S[pir]itposting #2

The core nature of reality is like a song. Religions and their teachings are simply remixes of that song. Anyone can hear the original. All they need to do is listen.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #53

In design, less is more — and ‘more’ is novel if designed well.It seems to me the world has become a bit too novel.

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