Low Effort by Ian Rand McKenzie

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #37

I find the most delusional people are non-schizophrenics because they’re never given any impetus to genuinely examine the unimaginably disturbing thoughts inside themselves.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #36

A practical guide to real-world sorcery:

When you are your true self at your best, you become so powerful that even the laws of physics will bend and break under your might.

School of Magic: Loyalty with points focused in the self-care and personal values skill trees.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #35

We are all children. The most ‘adult’ people of all of us are the ones that consistently recognize the child within themselves and everyone else.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #34

People think that prolonged isolation can make a person difficult to be around in social settings.

When alone for long enough, lies no longer serve a purpose.

Unlike us, the isolated person has gotten too comfortable with truth, disrupting the perceived civility of our lies.

Quotes As If I’m Relevant #33

Trying to control others is like farting in the wind to change its course. It may work for a bit if you fart REAL hard, but it just makes a bigger asshole.

A Joke Too [Knockoff-TikTok] to Be Funny #9

I was laying on the floor
Stretching my core
I had something in store
‘Cause I knew she wanted more
She walked through the door
And I counted to four


Then I put her in a trance
With my wiggle worm dance

Boom chicka boom chee
Boom chicka boom chee

Put her in a trance with my wiggle worm dance

Boom chicka boom chee
Boom chicka boom chee

Her: I’m breaking up with you. Your bags are at the door.

A Joke Too [Thespian] To Be Funny #8

I was in a high school production once. Before I went on stage, the stage manager said, “break a leg!”

I replied, “Oh, my friend, I won’t break a leg. I will break my spine and become a heartbreaking story of a talented young actor tragically cut short of an extremely promising career in theatrical production!”

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