Poetry by Ian Rand McKenzie

Silly Rhymes and Writing Good Times

Seth Godin

I once heard a man
When he spoke, my world shattered
He said about my plan
That I do work that mattered

He said another thing
Something I could not shelf
It was words that ring
They said, "Get over yourself"

He had one more thing to say
Something so simple and true
In that moment, he saved my day
He said, "The world needs you."

Financial Woes

My biggest stress
Is when my money is less
It puts me under duress
But, on I press

My biggest fear
Is always near
I'll shed a tear
When there's no money for beer

A Better Man

I once had a rock
Given from a girl that liked me
She gave it as a keepsake
An object for our memory

I was afraid of the girl
So from the rock I ran
I'm a coward for not saying
I hope she found a better man.


One night
Went to work
One sight
The lights lurk

Without thinking
Took my pill
Heart sinking
Why I'm ill

Cab home
Psychadelic lights
Secret tome
Mental mights

Home asleep
The lights fade
Another sheep
An unfortunate trade

One day
Lights will return
My way
Consciousness will churn


If I could teach anything
I would teach journaling

A daily act in honesty
To better our integrity

If I could teach some more
I would teach entrepreneurial lore

Not just "the great"
But also those that arrived "late"

If I could teach one last thing for you to trust
Is that honest or not
Great or small
Ignorant or learned
We should all teach love before we turn to dust.


Today, I am purple
Productivity, the color blue
My pumping blood, red

Today, I am helping poeple
Helping people with you
Culling my sense of dread

Today, I am broken and I am whole
Making reparations for the days that I stole


I am a killer
Afraid, you should not be
For I am a killer
Of my favorite stationery

There's nothing more satisfying
Then killing a pen
There's nothing more gratifying
Of all I wrote up to then

There was so much learning
And self discovery
Soon I'll be yearning
For enough paper to kill a tree.


My morning is chaos
Can't you see?
Sometimes I shower
Or stare at a tree

I'll snooze my alarm
Most of the time
It's always self-harm
Sleeping on my life's dime

I'm trying to do better
And one day I will
For now, I'm an alarm setter
And a slave to my pill.

Hello Canada

Hello Canada
My new home
You're so very familiar
A new place to roam

Hello Canada
As some would say, "America's hat"
You could easily be a few more states
Did you know that?

But you're not
And that's great
A place of independent thought
And a will to your own fate

But never forget
That people are people
And do not let
Your people be sheep-le

You are tall and proud
Steadfast and wise
So resist the enemy's shroud
Lest we see our demise

Little Miss Pickle Muffin

I once had a cat
Not a dog, not a puffin
I once had a cat
Her name, Little Miss Pickle Muffin

She was a goodest girl
She was a puffy floof of loves
I'll never forget her furl
Or those veterenarean's gloves

But enough of that
What's done is done
I'll still love that cat
And her presence as warm as the sun

So here's to our pets
And the ways we toughen
When we go to vets
And say goodbye to Little Miss Pickle Muffin
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