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Pastor Perry’s Poverty Provisions

Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper
from Pastor Perry's poverty provisions
the town prospered, yet lacked proper vision
leaving Peter in his precarity, resorting reliance on the rarity of charity
despite his capability to bring levity to his municipality's nobility
Peter ponders his predicament, preparing plans after some lament
So he brings his case to his party's base running their race
But they call Peter pompous and poor, a pilferer evermore
Purporting Peter's positing of his peering into the pool of perfection
Revealing racers' as ravagers, rapists, and raiders in their complexion of its reflection
Passing Peter's case as poor taste as they race to save face from perfections' mace

Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper
from Pastor Perry's poverty provisions
Humbled by our self-sabotaging divisions
A curious precarity of our fear bringing disparity
Our proclivity to pass powerful punches for brevity in accessibility of nobility
Peter pondered our predicament, a punitive prohibition of their privilege to lament
So we save face, sew sly safety in a sorrowful race
Kings who conquer caustic cowering claim purity preventing Peter's proscription to devour
They worked so hard, how dare Peter bard, pulling a card to show the shard
Of a soul sacked by salacious sabotage sewn by our own souls cracked
So we send some silver to Pastor Perry's poverty provisions

Absolving eyes blind to the perfect pool's vision of eternity's provision

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