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21 Love Salute

Sleep deprivation
Unconsciousness starvation
That is my libation
In this capitalist nation

I sit at this workstation
Solving complications
Designing my creations
For under-appreciations

So I pivot to recreation
With the expectation
Of mental elevation
Of finding inspiration

But much to my frustration
A victim of manipulation
And sociopathic exploitation
I learn my limitation

My thoughts reach congregation
To unhealthy, sad obsession
Of rebellious elimination
And dragon execution

Fortunes without taxation
Raping vegetation
Privacy violation
Total domination

Old slaves, new plantation
Excess waste met with celebration
Public displays of discrimination
Kill people, pay the corporation

Destroy all regulation
Ignore the radiation
Shallow words of conservation
Performative participation

Masked representation
Of diverting investigation
Distorting examination
Falsifying information

‘For the children,’ their declaration
While sowing indoctrination
Abominating civilization
Calling it innovation

I reach for ammunition
Prepare for liberation
Seek out their termination
Much to my degradation

In my self assassination
I made the estimation
Blood is not my destination
So began my transformation

Letting go of the perpetuation
Of self-induced isolation
Reducing confrontation
Let go of my reservations

Begin my emancipation
With meditation
Eliminating temptation
Ego naked, sans-humiliation

I harness my fixation
On reconciliation
And consolation
For my close affiliation

Continue meditation
Breathe through fluctuation
Float in my constellation
Rethink my habitation

Focus on adoration
And reparation

The land of anger, we’re in emigration
Without hesitation
With full dedication
Ceasing hate’s confrontation

Honesty, our vocation
Love, our vibration
Theresa, our imitation
Lifting others, our intoxication

Open hearts, our retaliation
Our opinions meet annihilation
Our connection is rejuvenation
Our reformation meets ovation

From suffocation to jubilation
Disassociation to unification
Malformation to augmentation
Love kindling to conflagration

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