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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Some like women thin, some like them bolder
I must admit, my partner is small
But she's the type of woman that make civilizations rise and fall

We think like kings
And live like peasants
My worldview is from a mountain
Hers, from another plane of omnipresence

My mind is shackled and lit on fire
By my ego and endless desire
Her mind shackled in an entirely different vein
Caged by flesh and bone and brain

A treasure revered by the likes of the kings of Saudi
Her mind is imprisoned by her very own body
Calculating all that once was, and all that will be
Her words and motions, slower than growing a White Cedar tree

Of course, that's as far as she's concerned
But before my eyes, brilliance is churned
Never borrowed and always returned
A clockwork typeset, perfectly kerned

And as I stare into her eyes, as blue as a Hindu deity
I instantly plunge into the eternity
Lost to the ages, yet returned so sprightly
From a loving, divine, gravitational well of blissful insanity

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