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Month: November 2021


Picking, scratching, endless thinking
Scrolling, tapping, endless sinking
Climbing, clawing, relentless longing
Comparing, staring, pointless glaring

Scrambunctious craggledrops
Sinking down their popscops
Drinking up their whifflemops
Spitting on the glory of

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iPhone Alarm Rap

I’m coming up with all these stupid silly rhymes
Yeah, I’m doing it pretty much all the damn time
But all these rappers rap like they’re

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Sexual Architecture

I feel so at odds
With your concrete reinforcing rods
I feel just like
A load-bearing dyke

My feelings aren’t what they seem
Once I look at your big

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Red Pill

oh what a pity
oh what a shame
got lost in the city
got lost in the game

oh what a tragedy
won’t be the same
went from a comedy

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21 Love Salute

Sleep deprivation
Unconsciousness starvation
That is my libation
In this capitalist nation

I sit at this workstation
Solving complications
Designing my creations
For under-appreciations

So I pivot to recreation
With the expectation
Of mental

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mood: moody

nail polish: black
skin: pale
diet: anemic
mood: moody
meds: flushed down the toilet
music: angelspit
cocaine: uncut
i’ll see you on the other side (of the suburbs) don’t try to

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The clouds in the sky
The rage in my soul
The band named Tool
And the gal named Lizzo

Salvador and
Savory foods
With lots of greens

The people I love

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