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I’m Racist

I'm not racist

I am a good and righteous man
Laid out and executed my plan
But then the world didn't bend their knee
Now I think it has forsaken me

I never said the n-word

Except a couple of times singing along to a song
But I don't do it anymore, I now know it's wrong
And when I see the word scrolling in the chat
I say nothing at all and think, "good for me, I don't do that"

I'm not racist

That's the words I spoke
My eyes open, I am performatively woke
I slap on a BLM sticker
Actions are hard, buying something is quicker

I'm not a misogynist

A man asked my manager a question
She answered, he looked at me, a weird situation
I repeat her answer, he's satisfied
I shrug my shoulders and say to her, "you tried"

I'm not racist

Obama is so cool
Hitler was a fucking fool
Yeah, black people make less cash
But, what about white trash?

I'm not a lone wolf

I see discrimination from sex to religion to racial
I will put an end to it all because I'm special
I will orchestrate the death of all evil
I am the guillotine, the constitution, the gavel

I am a good person

I benefit from my hard work
I am a glowing light in the murk
I paved my own road with my father's quarry
While others paved theirs with hardship and worry

I fight the power for those who cannot 

My journey was hard and I will fight hard to stay
Thank God cops weren't stopping me along the way
I use my wealth and riches for comfort
And send a pittance to the antifascist effort

I am not a white supremacist

How could that possibly be?
Look at the stats, Asians are smarter than me
And the highest achievements in sports isn't fake
We all know them being black isn't a mistake

I'm not racist

But we all know white men built our society
All the roads, cathedrals, and efficiency
And where they are not present there seems to be
Violence, crime, and poverty

I'm not racist

That's what I say
Because I think it's action and not a way
Then one day I learned we take systems for granted
I don't even know where the food I eat is planted

I never said the n-word

And I think that gives me social clout
All the while, I never called that shit out
All my gamer friends, casually tossing out the slur
While I sit uncomfortably without even a whisper

I'm not racist

I am on your side, I even think I'm an ally
But, what do I do when I see yet another black man die?
On his family's wounds, I pour salt
Asking questions framing that it was his fault

I don't support the patriarchy

Getting off when defending her honor
Like I'm a women's rights marathoner
While I am completely losing sight
That I'm using my white supremacy to win the fight

I'm not racist

I speak my virtue with statements and aggression
Then subvert it all with the odd question
What about this, that, and the other?
Casually dismissing a brother

I'm not a lone wolf

And yet none of my heroes are real
Tyler Durden, John Wick, the Joker, all these men that don't feel
Anything other than pure rage
Masking their supremacy with virtue, I turn another page

I am a good person

To be fair, my struggle may be real
But I completely ignore how others feel
I'm climbing a mountain, somewhere in the Appalachians at best
While my brothers and sisters are somewhere around Mt. Everest

I fight the power for those who cannot

I'm broke as fuck now, but I know I'll build my empire
Will I do it with blood and exploitation and fire?
Oh, but it's for a righteous cause, I tell myself
Will I use my power for good, or to remain on the top shelf?

I am not a white supremacist

I come up with anecdotes that signal that I'm not
Repeating disingenuous stats like I'm some kind of robot
I have to justify my existence until I die
Were all my victories just a lie?

I'm not racist

Yet look at all the great things Europeans have done
While I ignore that the laborers did it at the end of a gun
I post a meme of a French cathedral next to an African shack
Yet I never questioned: built with whose blood and broken back?

Oh, fuck, am I the bad guy now?

I say I'm not racist because I don't try to be
Now I'm racist just for being me 
This is so unfair, I'm just a regular guy
This American dream is just a lie

I'm fucking racist

Now what? March on the capitol?
Put on a uniform and start my patrol?
Shoot up a school after having a bad day?
Maybe just take a blue pill and get out of the way

I'm racist and now I know it
I want to change but don't know how to show it
I'm a lesser victim of supremacy and patriarchy
While I was getting called a nerd, you were getting called darkie

The whole world is fucked up and we're poised for change
I'm openly racist, saying that sounds strange
Said with a humbled heart and open ears
Please tell me your truth, and struggles, and fears

Or don't, I won't fret
There's always the internet
Just tell me when I pull some white people shit
I'll shut up, get on my phone and Google it

We've all suffered from "the man"
And me propping him up was his plan
You've gotta be fucking kidding
I am no longer doing his bidding

It's not your responsibility, it's mine 
Like learning to drive to avoid a traffic fine
But we all have car horns used to beep
So please give it a bump if I act like a sheep

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