Benevolent Ruler

I am but a lowly fool
Living under benevolent rule
Of a person appointed by God
Living by the grace of their bejewled and golden rod

I give them the gift of all my grains
And their God blesses me with quenching rains
That hydrate my throat and thirsty fields
That bless my ruler with greater yields

Sometimes the rain washes out my home
Flooding comes and goes, a divine metronome
My ruler does not come to my aid
For I left our God unpaid

See, while I was plowing dirt
And mending my tattered shirt
I was unable to go to worship
Forsaking God for land stewardship

So, our ruler of God, heavenly ordained
Punishes my sins, leaving me pained
In this act, devoid of love and heart
Our leader is damned, torn apart

But not sent to a fiery abyss
Instead, burned by the lessons they failed to reminisce
They forgot the only commandment from their God above
To live their life with nothing but love

And now I gaze upon my leader's wrath
Untaught of putting love in my path
So here I am, plotting while I sit
About how this leader's throat will be slit

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