Swastika Stickers

I'm puttin' up a swastika sticker
Makin' my hate dick grow thicker
Post a video, make everyone hate me
All the while, I grow ever more lonely

Turns out, I wasn't full of hate
I was just trying to sate
The attention that no one gave
Please just give it, it's all I crave

See, when people like me do this for fun
The most desperate ones pick up a gun
They shoot up crowds, then blast themselves
Will you help me keep my guns on shelves?

I'm a broken lost soul
I'm losing control
Of all my sanity
And sense of dignity

I'm a straight white male, they say I have luck
But I was raised in a world where no one gave a fuck
All I need is an education on how to be a man
To be given some confidence and a plan

While I'm out here, spreading controversy and bait
I could've been a soldier for a better fate
For you and me
And our country

But I was raised by screens
Pixels were my only dreams
I found a like-minded crew
And we all began to stew

About how the world hated us
How it threw us under the bus
It didn't matter if it was true or a lie
Not in our echo chamber? Bye, bye

We're dangerous children
In the body of men
No one showed us the love we need to share
And for who we are now, they wouldn't even dare

But maybe you can craft a different fate
One-on-one, call out our hate
And not from your high horse, towering above
Be a fellow man, and say it with love

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