The Dreamer’s Fate

Nothing is as it seems
In the waking dreamer’s dreams

One moment, they’re walking the street
The next, they’re traversing giants’ feet

Trying not to get crushed
One moment stopping, the next rushed

Back in reality, drawing near
That which he should truly fear

A careless driver, a speeding car
An intoxicated body, fresh from the bar…

…headed straight toward the dreamer’s path
You can […]

This Poor Fella

Let me tell you of a fella
Who cast a wide umbrella

Of things he like to eat
It was such an admirable feat

He had such a great attitude
About all kinds of food

A squid, a dragonfruit, a pine nut
Anything would go in this man’s gut!

A bean, an ostrich egg, a bamboo shoot
One day, this man even ate […]