It is always a pleasure To care for the house To keep things tidy To keep out the mouse It wasn’t always easy Doing my part But all that changed When I filled my heart With purpose, with adrenaline, with love Tidying a house, I am never above With patience, with kindness, and giving A […]


The most important lessons Always take too long Like your favorite part Of that catchy song You’re never patient enough For those words you heard today To go from your ears To your mind’s inner fray Be patient and truly listen You may eventually find An abundance of wisdom In the present mind


When I am afraid I do not fear I pick up my blade And slam another beer When I am afraid I start another fight I don’t let fear fade I fight it with all my might My rage fuels my terror So on and on I go Fighting with all my fervor Until next […]


I experience a piece of heaven Every single day When I speak my affirmations, seven When gratitude I pay When I see something to fruition When I respect my body When I make a connection When I say something naughty When I eat, when I fight When I treat, when I see the light Heaven […]


I am selfish In every single way I am programmed to kill fish And manipulate man to sway My instinct is to survive At any cost that may be Like keeping my fellow man alive To give them all of me When others survive So shall I We selfishly thrive Until and after we die