Month: November 2019

Saying No

The more I say, “no”
Truth may be revealed
Of my inner glow
Insecurities nil concealed

From there, understanding birthed
New ways of thinking unearthed

Acceptance begins
No more sins

Against those

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Tall Woman

I have a distant memory
Of a tall woman, so shimmery

Three times my size
My head up to her thighs

She wore a thin layer
Of blush and

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Ancient Bodies

There is a great shame
In this contemporary culture
Forgetting the origin of our name
This self-inflicted torture

Of course, value the insights of today
But, let us not

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I’m as awkward as…
A hog-tied snake
A dirt farm rake
A milkless shake
A fishless lake
A red tide clam bake
A red state gay wedding cake
Arbitrary rhymes, for

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Almost every day
I am celebrateful
Of almost every way
That I am grateful

Sometimes it is miniscule
Others, it is great
Sometimes it is obscure
Others, painfully forward and straight


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Everyone I know
Is a sagely mentor
Teaching what to bolster
And what to temper

Some of my mentors
Are cautionary tales
Are wind in my sails
Lift me from my

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Christmas Stocking

Everyone is mocking
My trusty Christmas stocking

With its big buttons
And size for a glutton

Everyone stares in shock
At my big ‘ol Christmas sock

Yet it does have

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If my house was ablaze
I would navigate the maze

To get all my stuff
My electronics, collectibles, and fluff

You know what I wouldn’t mind?
If I left

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If I Were A Book

If I were a book
I’d have a peculiar look

So heavy, the shelf would rattle
With a tightly stitched saddle

It would be a collection
Of the odd

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