Flower by Flower

I just got flowers for a lady My motives are not shady The truth of the matter rings true I honor her is if she were new Like a novel fascination That resists dissipation My true love not fleeting Day by day, like a climb of the tower For her, my heart beating Day by […]

Saying No

The more I say, “no” Truth may be revealed Of my inner glow Insecurities nil concealed From there, understanding birthed New ways of thinking unearthed Acceptance begins No more sins Against those I love and our inner fires Against ourselves and our true desires Against the clockwork elf Against my divine self

Tall Woman

I have a distant memory Of a tall woman, so shimmery Three times my size My head up to her thighs She wore a thin layer Of blush and eyeliner Off to a party With laughs so hearty I paid little attention Of the things she mention Her heart was soaring What do I care? […]

Ancient Bodies

There is a great shame In this contemporary culture Forgetting the origin of our name This self-inflicted torture Of course, value the insights of today But, let us not stray From the wisdom of old The tales that were told Our minds are new With their technology penchant Remember what’s true: Our bodies are ancient


I’m as awkward as… A hog-tied snake A dirt farm rake A milkless shake A fishless lake A red tide clam bake A red state gay wedding cake Arbitrary rhymes, for goodness sake!


Almost every day I am celebrateful Of almost every way That I am grateful Sometimes it is miniscule Others, it is great Sometimes it is obscure Others, painfully forward and straight It makes no difference The point is the act To shed my indifference And acknolowedge the fact… …that it’s easy to be grateful That […]


Everyone I know Is a sagely mentor Teaching what to bolster And what to temper Some of my mentors Are cautionary tales Are wind in my sails Lift me from my fails I have pure love and affection To those I’ve paid attention Numerous they may be At least a thousand, maybe three If you […]

Christmas Stocking

Everyone is mocking My trusty Christmas stocking With its big buttons And size for a glutton Everyone stares in shock At my big ‘ol Christmas sock Yet it does have a small fandom For its quirks are not random Turns out, some poeple love My silly Christmas foot glove From when its design was first […]


If my house was ablaze I would navigate the maze To get all my stuff My electronics, collectibles, and fluff You know what I wouldn’t mind? If I left my wife behind Because, WIFE BAD! That’s my humor You call it mean, I call it ‘boomer’

If I Were A Book

If I were a book I’d have a peculiar look So heavy, the shelf would rattle With a tightly stitched saddle It would be a collection Of the odd recollection Of slapstick humor And existential horror It would be a mindbending ride And an eventual slide To simultaneous awakening and madness And escape from sadness