Stack Overflow

Today I did a search From being stuck To a forward lurch From saying, “Fuck!” To saying, “Done!” From getting stuck To having fun To solve my problems I always know I’ll purge code goblins With Stack Overflow

Human Design

We all need to design A better human experience Let us not resign To this arbitrary fence… …that divides us from eachother That obscures our sight From truth, from love, from our brother From our sister, our mother, our might It is finally time For human design


Erasing memories Is the same as a lie Ignoring territories Of your mind’s eye Drink a potion Forget your fate Stirring commotion Igniting hate Digest all that is false Start another fight Or still your pulse And never say goodnight


Some people spend all their energy On workflows and good synergy Some people focus all their will To hone themselves and chill Some people sap all their energy On criticizing others while ignoring their own lethargy Some pat themselves on the back For all the reasons they direct their hate Yet they never seem to […]

A Lovely Lass

I once met a lovely lass Though, she was rather crass She loved to slap my ass And give other men a pass She had rather bad gas But, she was a catch – a trophy bass A volumptuous lass Her boussoms with such mass She had such wit and sass But, one day did […]

My Bag

I always have in my bag A lighter for lighting a fag I always have in my sack A calorie-heavy snack And every day I pack An axe for wood I hack I always keep my container Full with paper, no-brainer I never forget to stock my carrier With softer paper for my derrière It’s […]

Forgotten Lunch

I always forget my lunch I never get the hunch No thought in my mind That I left it behind Not even a clue As if I never knew… …that I even had it at all Making my brain feel so small I suppose there’s always tomorrow Maybe I won’t replay this sorrow

How I Manage Disturbing Thoughts

One of the most significant breakthroughs I had when experiencing disturbing thoughts was to recognize that these thoughts are a product of psychosis and not that of my mind. It started when I began reflecting on why I was having suicidal thoughts. For an extended period, I would experience suicide ideation several times a day. […]

The Mark of Cain

My skin without marks So very plain But there is a hidden one The Mark of Cain I speak of altruism, justice and love I am a civil man I do not push, I do not shove Yet, when it comes to my status My wealth, my power I’ll drop a million bombs My enemies’ […]


I am truly proud Of lifting my shroud Of telling lies to others Of telling lies to myself Of the people I lift Through honesty’s gift