The Modern Cigarette

Today, I’m sitting outside of a cafe on a breezy summer afternoon. I just had a long day of coding and my brain feels completely fried from maintaining a long stream of conditional logic in my brain for hours at a time. I’m dressed in a sleek, but casual long-sleeve black shirt with the sleeves rolled up and matching black shoes/glasses with khakis and my favorite bracelet on.

I’m by no means attempting to claim that I am even remotely a cool, stylish, and attractive man, but damn it, I feel like one. As I sat on the patio, drinking my coffee, I imagined James Dean with a cigarette hanging off is his lip as he’s perched on a motorcycle. Smoking used to be so cool. As you took another drag while you stared off at nothing, the everyday life was just so dull compared to how fascinating someone with a life as cool as you had.

I wasn’t smoking, but I had my cell phone in my hand. I immediately had the thought of our cell phones being the new cigarette. Whatever is on my phone is vastly more interesting than this mundane setting I’m stuck in, or at least that what I’d have you believe as I casually ignore my surroundings. For some, they don’t even need a fancy motorcycle to show off their status. It fits right in their pocket as the iPhone X (or whatever latest and greatest is out right now).

We’re already getting study after study on how our digital addictions are harmful to our well-being. It makes me wonder how long it takes before the general public scoffs at a mobile phone user like they do today’s smoker?

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Photo Credit: Dylan Fout

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