Being Fashionable is Not Narcissistic

For a long time, I would have disagreed with the above title. I didn’t think very highly of people who obsessed over how they look. Worse yet, I didn’t think very highly of people who paid even a fraction of attention to how they looked. I thought it was a trivial, narcissistic endeavor that […]

The Modern Cigarette

Today, I’m sitting outside of a cafe on a breezy summer afternoon. I just had a long day of coding and my brain feels completely fried from maintaining a long stream of conditional logic in my brain for hours at a time. I’m dressed in a sleek, but casual long-sleeve black shirt with the […]

Productivity Hack: Finding Your Health Formula

I have found my productivity is closely correlated with my health. Some reading this are probably thinking, “duh,” but for an ignoramus like me, it was quite a profound realization. The trick, however, isn’t “getting healthier.” It’s finding a formula that will get you into healthy habits in a way that you can sustain […]