Are You Not Being “Pushy” Enough in Your Marketing?

One of the most common mindsets I see in my local entrepreneur community is people having an aversion to certain marketing/sales tactics. These tactics include having potential customers signing up to a newsletter for a discount, sending discount codes to abandoned shopping carts, having a clear call-to-action all over your website. A lot of people call this pushy.

Is it pushy, though? Let’s look at it from the perspective of two different prospects. There’s the prospect that was never going to buy in the first place and the prospect that wants to buy but needs to be convinced. I’d wager the only people, outside of a few outliers, that say the marketing tactics mentioned above are too pushy are in the “was never going to buy in the first place” camp.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my experience as someone offering a product and being in the driver’s seat of marketing that product is the people that love what you have to offer are going to buy. There’s one problem, though. Spending money can be a scary thing. What if they regret the purchase? If you know, with 100% certainty that your customer will be satisfied with their purchase, there should be no reason to feel wrong about being “pushy.”

People will thank you for being pushy.

The people who are true fans of your product don’t see marketing tactics to convince them to buy as pushy. And we shouldn’t either. What we are doing is convincing, encouraging, and allaying fears. If you think you are too pushy, you need to re-assess whether your product is as stellar as it was once you first started your company. Your product is solving problems. You’re solving specific problems that will enhance someone’s life. The people who will genuinely see benefits from your product will thank you for being pushy once they enjoy the benefits. Let me repeat, people will thank you for being pushy. Now start marketing effectively!

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