Side Projects: Stop Being Desperate and Start Having Fun!

When I first started my freelance business, Objektiv Digital, I had a strong grasp of who my target market was, what my pricing should be, how to market myself, and how to make a sale. Everything came quite easily because what I was doing is something that countless other people do. There was an established […]

Are You Not Being “Pushy” Enough in Your Marketing?

One of the most common mindsets I see in my local entrepreneur community is people having an aversion to certain marketing/sales tactics. These tactics include having potential customers signing up to a newsletter for a discount, sending discount codes to abandoned shopping carts, having a clear call-to-action all over your website. A lot of […]

Acknowledging the Effort It Takes to Start a Task

As entrepreneurs, all too often, we get fixated on activity goals and results goals. Last week, I wrote about how I use Google Keep to organize my tasks and keep myself motivated. These tasks are primarily activities and results driven, but over the last couple of weeks, I started to create tasks with “Start work […]

The High-Functioning Schizophrenic Checklist

Recently, I read an article by Elyn Saks about successful schizophrenics. Elyn Saks is a fellow high-functioning schizophrenic who has helped research how and why some people with schizophrenia can become high-functioning and successful. This article gives a brief synopsis of the things we do to manage our illness effectively. Here’s a list I’ve written based […]