How I Use Google Keep Notes to Organize My Week

As I begin to get used to being a healthy, high-functioning person, I have become absolutely enamored with being organized. With my life being a continuous stream of chaos for so long, the idea of actually being able to organize myself is certainly something to romanticize over when it’s normally something you’re incapable of. […]

The Number One Social Hack for Schizophrenics

All throughout my life, a significant part of my personality was (and still is, sometimes) getting thorough enjoyment out of saying something shocking or controversial, but always true. I find when my mental health is not doing so well, I seek out conflict. Saying shocking and controversial things that were true was fun to […]

The High-Functioning Schizophrenic Productivity Trap

In the year 2015, I had been out of school for 10 years. In those 10 years, the only education-related thing I did was studied for my driver’s license. I failed the learner’s permit exam over 10 different times in two provinces and one state. When I started to master my ability to manage […]

How I Manage Stagnation: Gratitude and Willful Discontentment

In the last seven or so years, I started acknowledging to myself that I was grateful for the life I had. When this thinking first started, I was a 25-year-old grown man living with my parents. I never had a real girlfriend, and I could never get a date. When I wasn’t working my […]

Top 3 Lessons Learned From A Great, Albeit Swamped Employer

Working with a client and entrepreneur, Matt Morrison, founder of Ascend Sites, has been an enjoyable experience not just as a freelancer, but now as a business partner. Lately, Matt has a lot on his plate, and I’ve been astounded by how well he is handling it. Here are the top three lessons I’ve learned […]

Becoming A Book Reader at the Age of 32

It was the year 1998. I was in middle school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One of the requirements at this school for all students was to read a book during set periods throughout the school year. At this time, my schizophrenia was in its early stages, and the negative symptoms were taking over my […]