A Delusional Stream of Thought

Scenario: I just had dinner and I’m making myself a coffee. (Yes a coffee after dinner, I have unhealthy habits, stop judging me). All of a sudden, I get this discomfort in the back of my mouth, up toward my nasal passage.

“This feels like that last time I got a cold. Ugh, I don’t want a cold again, my schizophrenia always gets worse after a cold.”

“This doesn’t feel like before. It feels more piercing.”

“Oh, fuck, what if it’s one of those rare flesh-eating amoebas.”

“Spit into the sink. If there’s blood, I’m calling 911.” *spits into the sink and examines spit*

“Nothing. Try snorting, maybe there’s something stuck in there.” *snorts*

“Nothing. Fuck, it’s definitely some kind of flesh-eating virus. Keep spitting until you see blood.” *spits more for the next 2 minutes*

“Still nothing. Well, hopefully, it’s just a cold, I can deal with a cold.”

“This pain is different than anything I’ve experienced, it really is a flesh-eating virus.”

“Try snorting again, but harder.”

*snorts hard*

*gags from debris being snorted into throat*

*feels something in mouth*

*relief washes over me*

*examines debris*

It was a piece of my dinner! UGH!

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