How I Experience Excessive Agitation

The positive symptom I’ll be talking about in this post is agitation or irritability. I could be wrong, but I feel like agitation is a symptom of all the other symptoms. Sort of like how an animal in pain can be much more hostile than usual. If you’re continually experiencing unpleasantness throughout the day, […]

How I Experience Motivation Deficiency

Preface: For context, this post was written in the summer of 2015. Since writing this post, I have found ways of more effectively managing the challenges described.

Today I’ll talk about one of the negative symptoms that have been a huge problem for me, a symptom that, like my delusions about aliens, is […]

Debunking the “Mental” in Mental Health

Today I would like to talk about the stigma around mental health and why, if there aren’t more vocal people like me regarding these things, people will continue to be ignorant and perpetuate toxic attitudes and opinions towards people with mental illness.

I’ll start with what I believe breaks the stigma around mental […]