Four Reasons Schizophrenic Men Should Be Bodybuilders

I’m a 31-year-old schizophrenic male and in the last four years, I’ve become incredibly high functioning. It started with a change in medication, then a low carbohydrate diet, and evolved into exercising, and, to a degree, bodybuilding. Bodybuilders typically adhere to a high fat, low carbohydrate diet while weight training and exercising to tune their body to that of a Greek statue sculpted from marble. This post will list the 4 reasons why this lifestyle is perfect for non-aggressive males with schizophrenia.

Low carbohydrate diet reduces symptoms

Studies from years ago and even more recently are concluding that excessive carbohydrate consumption from foods like sugar, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and corn increase the frequency and intensity of symptoms. (1)(2)(3)

Low carbohydrate diet reduces the likelihood of diabetes

Many antipsychotic medications have side effects that cause a substantial gain in weight, typically due to increased appetite. The weight gain can be so severe, that it can result in diabetes. Low carbohydrate diets reduce appetite and shed excess weight, counteracting the damaging weight gain side effects from antipsychotic medication.

Increased testosterone levels from weightlifting reduce negative symptoms

Studies have concluded that increased testosterone levels in non-aggressive schizophrenic males reduce negative symptoms.(4) Weight training increases your testosterone levels naturally, making it a great way to rid one’s self of negative symptoms, something medication often has a hard time doing.

A better-looking body boosts confidence and self-worth

Schizophrenic people are very often isolated. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes because we’ve been hiding for so long we don’t know how to talk to people. With increased confidence and self-worth, we can attempt social interaction knowing we look good, we’re healthy, and we’re on the right track to becoming normal again.



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