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Stridr is a web application;

it collects everything you like on social media, and puts them in one place. You can see your friends’ interests, get suggestions, & more.

The idea for Stridr came from signing up to major platforms for the first time and finding nothing that could assemble all of my social feeds into one place. I wanted to find new people and things to follow based on what I already like, without having to navigate all of these platforms blind. Every time I tried to find an ‘all-in-one’ social media app, I only found apps for social media managers, but nothing for the social media USERS. In this way, Stridr stands out from all the rest.

Below is a brief walk-through of what Stridr is, followed by a description of the challenges faced from creating it.

All of your social feeds in one place.

Supported platforms include DeviantArt, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

A hub for finding your favorite people across social media and to discover their interests.

Log in and sync your accounts to discover what you have in common with your friends and those you follow. Find new things to follow by looking at what your friends like. Find your friends on platforms you didn’t know they were on.

Find your friends (below) and view their profile (above).

Find new things to follow based on what you already like through the recommendation feed.

We take privacy seriously.

Privacy policy and terms of service were drafted to protect ourselves and our customers. We often refer to these documents when adding and removing features. These documents must be agreed to in order to sign up.

Customize your experience and manage your presence.

Filter platforms and topics from your feeds, customize your profile, and, in adherence to our privacy policy, delete your account.

Stridr is built on Ruby on Rails.

Stridr began development in February 2017 using the latest technologies available for Ruby, the Ruby on Rails framework, and a variety of open source technologies for Ruby, JavaScript, and CSS. Some of the technical challenges include:

  • OAuth1 and OAuth2 authentication flow.
  • REST API Interaction
  • Asynchronous Tasks
  • In-memory data structure storing
  • Unobstrusive JavaScript
  • REST API Development
  • React Native Development
  • Database design/administration
  • Full Text Search development

Stridr’s initial interface was designed by Taylor Leach

Stridr’s minimum viable product was developed by Taylor Leach and I for our Portfolio Project class project at North Island College, spanning over an entire semester. While Taylor has since departed from the project, I continue to adhere to his professional quality designs. Stridr’s logo was designed by me, and all design implementations made best efforts to adhere to branding guidelines set out by the social platforms utilized. Additionally, Stridr’s Business Plan and Business Model Canvas brochure were designed and written as part of other class projects. Our tools/methods for design include:

  • Adobe CC (Ai, Ps, Id, Xd)
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding

Stridr is operating under the principles of being lean with agile development and an imperative of designing value.

With this in mind, the business plan, business model canvas, persona profiles, and value proposition canvas were created to establish a solid foundation for the product and its future.


As of Jan. 2018, Stridr has been set aside indefinitely. For more info, see this post.

Stridr Business Model Canvas



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